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The Modular Versatile Panel was built to add even more flexibility to the single panel saddle systems.

It was designed to go from your “knee pits to your arm pits”. Because of the modular build, it can work with any saddle system, no matter the brand or design. The construction was beefed up quite a bit from the Recliner and designed to by bomb proof.

The MVP was built around two off-the-shelf and user replaceable elastic ITW clips. This is designed to connect the MVP to your bridge loops and keep it EXACTLY where you want it for lower back support.

The MVP comes in two sizes: standard & XL. If you buy jackets or hoodies in sizes Small-XL you should get the standard sized MVP. If your jackets and hoodies are 2X+, you should go with the XL. The XL adds even more length to get the buckles further in front of the hunter for quick & easy adjustments.

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